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Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy has been used for centuries to promote health, decrease pain, and recover from injuries. RMTs strive to use the most up to date evidence-based techniques available to address the root cause of your pain or dysfunction, and to keep you strong, mobile, and healthy!

This involves choosing the right assessments and techniques for your specific needs and goals.

Treatments with me include a blend of: Swedish Massage, Circulatory Techniques, Deep Tissue, Myo-Fascial Release, Neurological Techniques, Remedial Exercise, Dynamic Release, Hydrotherapy, Joint Mobilizations and more!

Neuro Functional Acupuncture

This style of Acupuncture blends traditional acupuncture techniques and modern evidence about pain, function, and the nervous system. We use fine needles and electrical stimulation to target and support the specific nerves in your body.

Since our brains use electrical impulses to communicate with our bodies, this method is a profoundly effective tool to decrease pain and improve function. In some cases, acupuncture has also been proven to improve sleep, reduce anxiety and improve overall health and wellbeing.

Acupuncture can be safely incorporated into your Massage Therapy Treatments for no additional fee.

Is Massage Therapy Right For You?

Massage Therapy has been shown to help manage pain & dysfunction associated with a broad range of injuries and conditions, primarily by calming and supporting the nervous system. As your RMT I  always strive to use the most evidence-informed treatments to achieve the best results!

Massage Therapy has been shown to help with:

-Back Pain
-Arthritis Pain
-Chronic Pain
-Muscle Tension
-Sports Injuries
-Overuse Injuries
-Neck and Shoulder Pain
-Post Concussion Symptoms
-Whiplash Associated Disorders
-Physical Symptoms of Anxiety
-Physical Symptoms of Depression
-Neurological Conditions
-Tension Headaches
-Stress Management
-Sleep disorders/Insomnia
-Strains and Sprains
-Plantar Fasciitis
-Sciatica Pain
-Relaxation and Wellness
...and more!

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Updated Rates
Effective January 1st, 2023

45 Minute

Massage Therapy Treatment


*Plus HST

60 Minute

Massage Therapy Treatment


*Plus HST

75 Minute

Massage Therapy Treatment


*Plus HST

90 Minute

Massage Therapy Treatment


*Plus HST

Every Treatment Includes:

1.  Intake Conversation
to review your Health History forms and help me understand your personal health story. This process allows us to collaborate and set specific goals for your Massage Therapy Treatment Plan.

2. Orthopaedic Assessment
to help determine the root cause of your pain, injury, or dysfunction. These might include: Range of Motion Assessments, Strength Testing, Movement-Based Assessments, and more. Assessment can help us decide what treatment approach is most likely to be effective for you.In some cases we may be able to assess during the Hands-On-Treatment.

3. Individually Tailored Treatment
utilizing an assortment of Massage Therapy Techniques and/or acupuncture, hydrotherapy, and movement. A shared decision-making approach engages you in the decision making process regarding your care, for example: which techniques, pressures, draping, and body regions are included in your treatment can be discussed throughout. 

4. Personalized Suggestions
about an Ongoing Treatment Plan to best meet your goals. This will include recommended Self-Care Exercises that you can do at home to enhance your progress and plans for future treatments.

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Cancellation Policy

As a small business, missed appointments and late cancellations make it difficult for us to thrive. Please always provide 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. This allows us to offer the time to someone else. If you miss an appointment or cancel without notice you may be charged the following fees:

1st missed appointment or late cancellation = No charge
(we understand that sometimes these things happen, so everyone gets a freebie!)

Missed Appointments and No Shows = 50% of Treatment Fee

Late Cancellations (less than 24 hours notice) = $25.00 Late Cancellation Fee 

*If you are cancelling due to COVID-19 restrictions, exposure, symptoms, or isolation, these fees will be waived on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us by email, text, or phone to provide as much notice as possible.

**Please note that insurance companies will not typically reimburse you for missed appointment or late cancellation fees.

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